WIC (Women, Infants, & Children) Program

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I have decided (and this maybe because I am pregnant again) that I am going to make my blog as real as possible and part of saving money is taking advantage of programs and government benefits in your county.  (This does not mean to apply if you dont need the help) but if you are a family of limited income for what ever reason. A recent loss of employment, cut hours, or to many bills but not enough income than please check them out. 

One of those programs is WIC (which stands for Woman, Infants and Children) and this basically helps the following people.

The WIC target population are low-income, nutritionally at risk:

1. Pregnant women (through pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after birth or after pregnancy ends).
2. Breastfeeding women (up to infant’s 1st birthday)
3. Nonbreastfeeding postpartum women (up to 6 months after the birth of an infant or after pregnancy ends)
4. Infants (up to 1st birthday). WIC serves 53 percent of all infants born in the United States. 
5. Children up to their 5th birthday.
You may be eligible to receive this help.

Examples of where WIC services are provided:

County Health Departments
Mobile Clinics (vans)
Community Centers
Public Housing Sites
Migrant Health Centers and Camps
Indian Health Service facilities

This may vary by City, County, or State
Here are some of the items you may be eligible to receive on WIC

Whole Grains – Bread, Corn Tortillas, and/or Brown Rice

Milk – Whole Milk (for children up to 1 year of age)
Lowfat or Fat Free Milk (for children 2 years of age and older and women)
Lactose Free Milk, and/or 8th Continent Soymilk Original

Cheese – Deluxe Amer. Slices, Milk Cheddar, Part Skim Mozzarella

100% Fruit Juice – Plastic Bottles or Jugs Any Brand 48 oz, 64 oz, 96 oz and Gallon (128 oz) sizes
Refrigerated Plastic Jugs or Cartons, 64 oz, 96 oz, and Gallon (128 oz) sizes
(you may not know some areas allow you to get the 1 gallon storebrand Orange Juice)
Frozen Concentrate – 11.5 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz sizes
Non-Frozen Concentrate 11.5 oz size

Beans – Dry Beans 16 oz (1 lb) bag only
Canned Beans 15 to 16 oz can only Any Brand is allowed

Breakfast Cereal 11 to 36 oz box or bag
(please check with your local agency to see a specific list of what cereals are allowed)

Baby Foods – Baby Cereal 8 oz – 16 oz box
Baby Fruits and Veggies Stage 2 or 2nd Foods 4 oz jar, 7 oz package 8 oz package
Baby Meats – 2.5 oz jar only

Eggs – Large, White, Chicken Eggs

Peanut Butter – 16 to 18 oz jar only

Canned Fish – 5 to 14.75 oz can only

Fruits & Veggies Voucher – Fresh, Canned (also includes plastic or glass containers) Frozen
(Please check with your local agency to see a specific list of what foods are allowed)
They vary by city, county or state.
Somethings you may not know about WIC
1. WIC customers do not have to buy everything listed on the front of the check or voucher.
The store may only charge for those items that you are actually taking with you.

2. WIC customers must be allowed to participate in manufacturer and store promotions and specials. Free items do NOT have to be WIC eligible.
(This basically means if a store we will use Winn-Dixie in this examples says:
Buy 3 boxes of Kellogs Brand Cereal and you  get 1 Doz. Eggs free, 1 lbs of bacon free, 1 loaf of bread free, and 1 box of donuts free.  If the cereal you choose is WIC eligible for this example lets say you buy 3 boxes of regular Kellogs Flakes you get all the other items FREE even if you are getting them thru WIC they are still rung up on the same order as your WIC items but WIC is never charged for them.  Also you should know that if a store has an item that you are purchasing on sale as B1G1 Free lets use the Kellogs Cereal for example again.  If it says B1G1 Free on a WIC eligible cereal.  Lets make the Kellogs Regular Flakes 18 oz on sale for B1G1 Free if you check says you can get 36 oz of cereal this means if you are purchasing the 18 oz cereal you can only get 2 boxes of the 18 oz. but when a store runs a B1G1 Free special you can actually get 4 boxes of the 18 oz cereal because WIC is only paying for the 2 that you are entitled to thru WIC and the store pays for the other 2 like they would have to if you were purchasing with out WIC.  Of course this goes for any item you may have on your WIC checks. Watch for sales you are NOT doing anything wrong by taking advantage of sales that stores are having with your WIC.  You can verify this information with your local WIC office they usually have this information in writing.  If a store gives you a problem with your WIC checks.  Call your local WIC office that is why they are their they can clarify this information with the store and fix the issue for you..)

 Here are pictures of 2 examples of WIC orders
If this was a WIC Voucher this is what it would be at Walmart

6 Limes $.36 = $2.16
1 Lettuce $1.38
1.19 Lbs. White Onions $1.40
2.16 Lbs. Roma Tomatos $1.68
2 Florida Avocados $1.48 = $2.96
1.30 Lbs. Jalapenos $2.39

Subtotal $11.97
WIC Voucher $10.00
Total OOP $1.97
If this was a WIC Voucher this is what it would be at Winn-Dixie

1 16 oz Dry Black Beans $1.59
1 Doz. Large White Eggs $2.29
2 Gallons 1% Milk $4.09 = $8.18
1 Gallon Super Brand Orange Juice $5.49
4 Kellogs Corn Flakes $3.99 = $15.96
(Please not these are the 18 oz Cereal and under normal WIC guidelines you are only allowed to get 2 boxes because this would equal 36 oz. But right now this size is on sale B1G1 Free so you are able to get 4 boxes

Subtotal $33.51
B1G1 Free Savings $7.98
Total $25.53
WIC Savings $25.53
Total OOP $0.00

Also remember to scan your loyalty card. So that you can count your WIC purchases for rewards and points and other store incentives.

** I am not encouraging to get WIC if you dont need it.  But if you do.  go and apply.  Dont be embarrased or think that someone will think less of you because you accept help that your taxes pay for.  We work we have financial issues and we have a right to ask for help when we need it.

If you have any question pleasee feel free to ask me anytime.

I will be doing more post on issues involving government assistance and the benefits and cons of using and not using the help offered.  Please look for future post.

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