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Wow its hard to believe that Carmen’s Coupon Blog is turning 1 Year Old on 5/21/12 and  I reached 10,000 fans on 4/21/12. I am so excited and guess what my daughter turns 16 on 5/21/12 also so its a triple celebration.

Everything is looking up in this world and every time I look around I am surrronded by some very amazing people in the blogger world….

I would love to share these wonderful events with all of you and get this party off to a great start..

Here are the requirements to participate in this Giveaway Extravaganza

Fee: $2.50 Per Link. $2.00 for Prize $.50 Admin. Fee (You can send $2.50 as a gift per link or $2.50 as a service per link + add $.50 to your final total for the service fee) to carmen.uballe@yahoo.com via PayPal

Giveaway Dates: 5/14 – 5/28 Post Must Be Up By 10:00 AM On Monday 5/14 No Exception & Supply Link for this post only

Sign Ups are scheduled to close on 5/4 but they may be closed early or extended depending on how many sign up and how fast. Remember the earlier you sign up the closer to the top your links will be.

Prize: Final Total Depends on Blogger Sign Ups

You must share on social media sites 2 times daily… Via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Myspace, Pinterest Etc.
(I will randomly verify these shares)

Must ADD The Sign Up Button To Your Page Until Sign Ups End then it will change to the Giveaway Button Which I will Supply To You

You must request to join FB Group Giveaway Extravaganza (This is a requirement)

Referral Bonus: The person who refers the most people to this event gets 6 FREE links in the June Giveaway Extravaganza to use all your self or share with a friend

Bloggers will be allowed to enter this giveaway even if they sponsored so you can still help raise your “Likes” “Followers” and/or “Subscribers” & have a chance to win the final prize

Please Fill Out This Form Correctly Since I will Copy and Paste From here to the Rafflecopter

Sign Up Form Click Here


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