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  1. Nikki_wooton says:

    I like to read to relax…. Deanna Wooton (Nikki Wooton on facebook) nikki_wooton@yahoo.com

  2. I like to read to relax. Sherry Russell Huckeba on FB

  3. take a super hot bath when my kids are asleep…awwwe :)

  4. barbara tryon says:

    I like to watch my Soap Opera to relax when nobody is home!

  5. Karey Cone says:

    I like to read to relax :)

  6. Jennifer Hedden says:

    I Like To watch tv To Relax.

  7. Angie Adelman says:

    I like to enter giveaways to relax….

  8. barbara tryon says:

    I coulnt like all the facebook pages because for some reason facebook is not allowing me to like anymore page, been trying to figure out what to do. Any answers could you contact me. my facebook name is barbara kirshner https://www.facebook.com/barbara.kirshner.9 and thanks for this giveaway

  9. Read magazines in the tub

  10. krystle says:

    I Like To read To Relax

  11. I like to read and have a cocktail to relax.

  12. I like to read to read to relax, espically in the tub!

  13. Ashb4588 says:

    i like to take a bubble bath with some wine to relax

  14. Stephmueller84 says:

    I like to sleep to relax!

  15. Vickie Brewer Bouzerrara says:

    go to my daughter’s house to relax.

  16. Gina H. says:

    I Like To liste to classical music to relax.

  17. I like to take a nice warm bubble bath to relax.

  18. P_halligan says:

    I like to read to relax.

  19. Susan Peck says:

    I Like To sleep To Relax

  20. I like to nap to relax.

  21. Kathy Ross says:

    I like to read to relax.

  22. Holly Hennessy Swint says:

    I Like To look at Pinterest To Relax

  23. I Like To Take A Bath To Relax.

  24. READ!!!

  25. I Like To Read To Relax.

  26. I like to lay down to relax…. 😀

  27. I Like To ShopTo Relax

  28. Rebecca Hill Lawson says:

    I Like To ride horses To Relax. They are majestic creatures!

  29. Debpaint16 says:

    “I Like To NAP To Relax”

  30. I like to read to relax.

  31. Chipnme1962 says:

    I like to watch tv to relax

  32. I like to read to relax.

  33. cyndiekb says:

    “I Like To PLAY ON FACE BOOK To Relax”

  34. Cassbeth05 says:


  35. I like to watch a movie with my baby girl and husband to relax!

  36. Lauraandbill2001 says:

    I like to hide in my room and read to relax

  37. Wdionisiolover says:

    i like to read to relax

  38. Catalina K says:

    I like to read a good book to relax.

  39. Jennifer Hiles says:

    I like to enter sweepstakes to relax – love it!

  40. I like to veg out on the internet to relax.

  41. Jill Jacoby says:

    I like to read to relax

  42. Kelley Roach says:

    i like to sleep to relax

  43. I like to take long hot showers to relax.

  44. I like to play games on pogo to relax!!

  45. I like to visit facebook and all my favorite bloggers!!!!…like you!!!

  46. I Like To play games on ipad To Relax

  47. “I Like To Bake To Relax”

  48. Brooke Westmoreland says:

    “I Like To sleep To Relax”

  49. Monica Young says:

    “I Like To take a dip in the hot tub To Relax”

  50. barbara dunaway says:

    “I Like To read a good book To Relax”

  51. Elaine B says:

    I like to read to relax.

  52. Cynthiap27 says:

    I like to sit on the beach and watch the sun set.

  53. Ma. Prescilla C. Ubaldo says:

    I Like To listen to music To Relax

  54. Cynthiap27 says:

    I like to lay on the beach and watch the sunset to relax.

  55. I like to sing and listen to music to relax.

  56. I Like To Read To Relax.

  57. I like to read to relax.

  58. I Like To read a mag and have a glass of wine To Relax

  59. “I Like To read a magazine To Relax”

  60. Tiffanyhren says:

    I like to work in my yard to relax!

  61. I like to read to relax!

  62. Stephanie Gouldman says:

    I like to veg out on the computer to relax.

  63. I like to surf the internet to relax.

  64. Sinatra Pack says:

    I like to listen to music to relax.

  65. I Like To READ To Relax
    Thanks for the contest.

  66. I like to take a long hot bath to relax.
    -Missy Conner Spivey

  67. “I Like To Play Games To Relax”

  68. Patricia_hysell says:

    take a nice warm bubble bath

  69. susan miller says:

    I like to swim to relax

  70. Carol christensen says:

    this sure would come in handy with all the dr appts i have been having. would love to win this

  71. Kristie Zapf says:

    I like to read to relax.

  72. Carol christensen says:

    i like to sit in a jacuzzi to relax.

  73. I like to read to relax.

  74. I like to work on jigsaw puzzles to relax.


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