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              Coach Signature Stripe Handle Pouch Bag


Welcome to our Coach Flash giveaway! I have teamed up with few AWESOME Bloggers to offer you this cute Authentic Coach Signature Bag!

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Contest is open to USA & International with Free Shipping in USA. International winner if chosen may be asked to pay the fee to cover postage to your country. The winner will be selected by random.org and notified by email,  and will have 24 hours to reply back before a new winner is selected. Giveaway ends Friday June 8, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck!

Bag Description & features:

  • Coach Signature”C” Stripe Pierce darling Top Handle Purse
  • Colors of Khaki Brown, Tan & Gold and Dark Brown (Very rich looking).
  • Approx size 8 x 5 x 3,5″

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. I love my kids blog will be responsible for sponsor prize shipment.  
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  1. Jennifer P says:

    — Entered as Vicki Furrin —
    I like small purses. Actually I try not to carry one at all. This might be a bit small for my mum who can’t seem to make do without a “mini-suitcase” as purse. It’s the perfect size for my sister though and would make a great 50th birthday present.

  2. Betty wojnar says:

    I have had my purse for about one year. I prefer larger purses.

  3. Trisha Walton-Magistro says:

    Thanks! Would love to win this. Love Coach!

  4. I don’t own a purse.

  5. Sekmetrn says:

    I have a few purses that I switch up.

  6. I love purses of all shapes and sizes – I have quite a few and have had them for YEARS – they never wear out – sometimes I give them to family or friends whenever I add a new one to the “collection”. :)

  7. Michele Henneman says:

    I’ve had my purse for over 7 years and I think it’s time for a new one.

  8. Jennifer P says:

    —- Entered as Vicki Furrin —
    Subscribed to bonus entries with the email address fromfurrin at gmail dot com. Also voted on the last entry with the that email address.

  9. I have my purse for about 3 years which doubles as a diaper bag. Think its about time for a new one!!!!

  10. Elaine B says:

    I can’t remember the last time I bought a purse! I like bigger rather than smaller purses.

  11. I have had my bag for 7 plus years…I know, I know

  12. Carlaboo11 says:

    my current purse? a couple of years probably. I like small, medium, and large bags. depending on where I am going and what I need to bring with me. I use my purse as a diaper bag, too

  13. Nikkilynn46 says:

    I like smaller purses. They dont get so heavy to carry

  14. I like big or small purses, and my current purse I have had for a couple of months.

  15. My current purse—sadly one I found on Target clearance. I own a coach similar to this one for my laptop bag—but I’m afraid to use it for fear it will get ruined!! LOL It was a gift, but if I had this medium (my fav) I would def put it on DISPLAY!

  16. tatyana walker says:

    I own small and big purses, i usually use smaller one to go out and bigger ones to shop.I’ve had my current purse for a while and I’m absolutely in love with it, but defiantly would trade it for COACH

  17. debbie johnson says:

    i’m using my jill-e bag for my purse. it’s just the right size and i’ve had it about 3 weeks.

  18. My purse was given to me by my mother. I am 56 now and so that should tell you pretty much how long I have had my purse. I use it because it is small. I would love to win this purse just so I can change the one I am using now.

  19. My sister gave me my latest purse. I have had it a few months now. its Huge, I like medium ish crossover bags.

  20. Jerri1962 says:

    I Like Medium Purses and I have had mine 3 years. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  21. Shallen2313 says:

    I have had this purse for a couple of years. I like different size purses. The one I am using is medium.

  22. barbara dunaway says:

    i have had my purse for about a year. I love purse so i buy them when i get a chance to. I like both sizes

  23. Jennmcnary says:


  24. Bernice says:

    For About 3 Months and i like big bags to carry baby needs if i have too lol

  25. A year and a half. Def prefer the larger purses!:)

  26. i have had my purse since sept 2011 my dad bought it for me i perfer samll purses

  27. Kathy Ross says:

    I’ve had my purse about a year. I got it at a yard sale. I don’t like huge purses. I guess I like them medium sized or a little bigger.

  28. Hreskok says:

    My current purse is over 10 months old and I like both size purses. Depending on where I am going I will change purses to suit the occasion.

  29. yes i love that, :))))

  30. kristi Phillips says:

    I love big purses! The current one I am carrying is years old!

  31. Kim Reid says:

    My current purse is just a great find at the thrift store, so I am not sure about the age, looked new when I got it! I like a smaller bag most of the time :)

  32. CarolynColley says:

    I have had my current purse for a while now, I like both small & large.
    thanks for the giveaway

  33. I just bought a new one 3 weeks ago. Just transitioned from diaper bag to purse…finally! So I’m liking a smaller purse!

  34. Heredia492@aol.com says:

    Me gustan las bolsas y mucho pero nunca he tenido,una de marca jejeje puras replicas 😉

  35. Lubka K. says:

    I prefer large purses – I dont have a car so I need to put a lot of things to my handbag.:-) Thanks for chance to wint this great prize!
    Lubka K.

  36. Leeski37 says:

    Wow love to win this little beauty like the others , but would give it to my sons girlfriend , as it would look just perfect for her.

  37. Maria Veiga says:

    I like to switch purses but I use bolth large and small.

  38. Kimberly says:

    I have had my purse for over a year. I like bigger purses. I need room for all my stuff.

  39. Meg Tucker says:

    I’ve been carrying my current raggedy purse around for about 6 months. I have several that i switch out and I tend to like a larger purse but use smaller ones as well!

  40. Dani1776 says:

    i Love all purses!!

  41. How long have you had your current purse? My current purse is new I have only been using it for a few days! Do you like large purses or small? or both? Not to big but not to small :)

  42. Judy Gregory says:

    i like cross body bags. my current bag is 2 years old and i bought it used yikes!

  43. I’ve had my current purse for about three days. I love all purses, small, medium, and some large :)

  44. Teresagrimes46 says:

    My current purses is 3 months old ( a VB ) I like medium to large sack type purses but like to change purses about every 6 months….

  45. I havn’t had a new purse in soooo long. I am still using my ole purse from three years ago. However, its a gorgeous black coach.. and black goes with everything right 😉

  46. I like both

  47. I like both

  48. Lori Goldstein says:

    I’ve had my current purse a couple weeks and found it while browsing at Goodwill. I prefer large purses but on occasion use small ones.

  49. Nshamblin81 says:

    I’ve had mine for 7 years. It’s about time for a new one.

  50. Spongchick87 says:

    i carry the same purse where ever i go its hard to change out when you have a 2 year old so you carry a diaper bag and a purse…if i had this one it would get a lot of use

  51. My current purse I bought shortly after my son was born, so about 2 months. I needed a bigger bag to carry diapers and such in. I like all sizes of purses though.

  52. krystal rivera says:

    i must say im alll for a large floppy purse because i have 3 boys ages 1,2 & 3 and beleive it or not my purse is their purse! lol

  53. Mandables2010 says:

    I could use a new purse :-) Great neutral color, too!

  54. Mandables2010 says:

    I’ve had my current purse for over 3 years, so it might be time to change. Perfect size for wallet, phone and lotion!

  55. ive owned my current purse for about 6 months so far

  56. I’ve had my purse for about 4 months now. I have two toddlers, ages 3 & 2 which means they are in that time frame where i still need to carry stuff for them, just not a diaper bags worth.. I have to have an average sized purse to a huge purse. No super small ones that can only fit a coin purse! lol Usually the bigger the better, unless it’s too adorable to pass up. I’m picturing the Dark Brown one looking quite swagger on my shoulder =]] FINGERS CROSSED! =]]

  57. Heather R says:

    I love Larger purses!

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