8/09 Sample Galore Flash Giveaway

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Shawnies Samples & Savings

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  1. JeanneH. says:

    I’ve never seen so many samples in one place before!! I would love to win all of these. Thank You for the opportunity to win them. I’ve liked and shared!!

  2. Tdesco65 says:

    My Thermal aid hot/cold pack

  3. The best thing I have gotten free is the Nuby cups for my 9 month old son :)

  4. Theresa Sigourney says:

    My Thermal Aid hot/cold pack

  5. Dolittleme says:

    fantastic giveaway!!! THANKS

  6. Shicky1992 says:

    Thanks for three opportunity

  7. The best thing so far is my goodies bag from target for me and straw glasses for my son.

  8. Shicky1992 says:

    Face serum

  9. Johnsonbrandy947 says:

    Gift Cards are by far the best!

  10. Carmen’s Coupon Blog sent me

  11. XXIVORYXX73 says:


  12. Lynette Paige says:

    I won a Logitech Speaker and remote set. Worth around $250.. love it! It was a blog giveaway.. but the best freebie, not blog, would be a case of Keurig K-cups when I was told I was receiving just one box!

  13. coupons are the best thing I get in the mail!

  14. Kindle Fire I won in a giveaway:)

  15. Tina Mundy says:

    I haven’t won much or gotten really anything for free so this would be it for me! =) Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. jackie Nelson says:

    woo hoo freebies…in the mail

  17. The best things I have gotten for free are groceries using coupons. I love free food.

  18. Jeniferl29 says:

    I got a Kindle Fire from Nomorerack…:)

  19. Colie_42 says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  20. Lora Hester says:

    ohhh i am already picking out the best things lol

  21. Starone1310 says:

    have gotten so many great things..

  22. personalized watch with my kids pic in it :)

    ~ <3 ~ TANIA ~ <3 ~

  24. Christine M says:

    The best thing I have gotten free is a picnic basket with deli meat that I won!

  25. HELEN STANLEY says:

    A box from a very popular makeup company :) she hooked me up
    thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all! i try, but i am not lucky to win things.

  26. This week I recieved a large free bottle of contact solution!

  27. Katie Derendinger-Pederson says:

    The best thing I have ever received for free was a party for 15 at HuHot, just for having a messy desk at work! It was great! It was supposed to be catered to my house, but we chose to go to the restaurant instead (more choices).

  28. Amanda Lyons says:

    The best free sample I got was a wedding band!

  29. The best thing I have gotten for free is Estee lauder purfume…

  30. Michellehamm says:

    I recieved a laptop for free once!

  31. Allyson Hunter says:

    The best thing I ever received for free was a full case of Kettle Brand Chips. They were delicious! Yum! :)

  32. Chrissyblueeyes30 says:

    A motorola xy board is the best thing ive gotten free.

  33. Best “free” – I think I have too many to just pick one! Top of the list is coming up next weekend when I get to be a VIP guest at Michigan Speedway all weekend. Also near the top of the list is a 3 night stay in a condo in Florida and a two night stay in a cabin in Gatlinburg – twice!

  34. this is an awesome giveaway thanks for the opportunity!

  35. rachelle says:

    the best thing i got for free was a sodastream!

  36. Bettysuenel says:

    It is so hard to remember what was the best.

  37. staci wells mefford says:

    oh too many to list. i have won some wonderful items

  38. jenna tomaszewski says:

    all my contest freebies

  39. Wagarific918 says:

    My favorite samples are always K-cups and razors!

  40. Katie Collins says:

    The best thing I have gotten waas the k cups!!!

  41. Amy moncrief says:

    I won a coach purse which I am still in love with :)

  42. wow. mailbox heaven lol



  44. Sqrll1996 says:

    Thank you for the chance to win all these wonderful samples

  45. Hiitzpam says:

    best thing Ive ever gotten free was Bengay rub used 5.00 coupons got 10 and got 10.00 rr $ 0 out of pocket. :)

  46. A Hydro 5 razor!! Awesome!

  47. Liz Pisano Gooding says:

    A Diamond Candle.

  48. Mary mcmenamy says:

    the best sample was a full size pantene

  49. Jambox by Jawbone

  50. Nicole_stokely says:

    I have actually never gotten anything for free.

  51. I’ve gotten a Nextbook Tablet for free, 2 10-piece Tupperware sets w/ 2 pitchers, Target & Walmart giftcards & 4 huge boxes of Cheerios….all won from blog contests. Best freebie I got would be Venus razors.

  52. Mitothecat says:

    The best thing I’ve gotten free is a months supply of gummie daily vitamins, fantastic score.

  53. stephanie fletcher says:

    I won a thermal tote and I loved it!

  54. Louis Vuitton clutch! Thank you Tums Freshers!!!

  55. Heather Faye Alyse Scherer says:

    I love my free necklace from sneeqpeek!

  56. Anita Mitchell says:

    Free razors,lol

  57. Rebecca Deal says:
  58. Crissy Brown says:

    the best thing i have gotten for free is a full size chuck the truck race set

  59. The best thing i got was a viking smoker

  60. Alecia H says:

    The best thing I have gotten for free is a metal water bottle.

  61. Margaret Smith says:

    Recently I got an air freshner that I LOVE.

  62. Shannon Byrd says:

    The best thing I ever received for free was a ton of baby food I won. Can never have enough of that with little ones.

  63. Cindi Venable says:

    I got some make-up, but I was really excited to get the father’s day card for hubby! Cindi Venable

  64. Best thing i got for free was a bottle of Bayer Asprin.. :)

  65. Tammie Justice091 says:

    This is a major win, Thank-you for hosting and Good luck to all contestants.

  66. I think a $150 giftcard for a giveaway I entered!

  67. Tammie Justice091 says:

    The best thing I have ever won is a Bun Coffepot.

  68. Thanks for the chance! Did everything above! woohoo! <3

  69. Jack Daniels long sleeve t-shirts.

  70. Stephanie O says:

    The best freebie I have received were blue agave sweeteners of various favors. the best blog winner item so far I think was a pillow pet for my daughter. I have won a lot of cool stuff, but that saved me the most money.

  71. Jack Daniels long sleeve t-shirt….

  72. I just won a diamond candle i am so excited to get it

  73. Softb4llchick09 says:

    Best thing i have every gotten for free are razors! they are so expensive! Also, anytime i can use a target coupon for clothing on there clearance stuff to get it free is AWESOME

  74. ghostdragon says:

    I received a free $90 Knex set…just for signing up for a website :)

  75. $3,000.00 gift card for REI from aquaphor

  76. I do not know. I have gotten sooo much amazing freebies I cannot pick one! I write companies and am now getting tons of free coupons.

  77. Melync1981 says:

    A Britain water pitcher

  78. Dorothy Walters the strawberry shortcake swim suit I won for my great niece,

  79. I got a horse for free@

  80. That would have to be my Tide samples. It was a whole bag about 12 loads worth.

  81. Kay Garrett says:

    Awesome giveaway – thanks for the opportunity.

  82. Kay Garrett says:

    I won a hammock from L. L. Bean way back.

  83. krystal rivera says:

    the best thing ive ever won was a blogher12 swagbag!

  84. The best thing I have ever gotten was a pair of 65$ Jeans from Dorhina! Thanks for the great opportunity!!! good luck everyone!

  85. 2 six flags tickets :)

  86. “Gotten free” ? For FREE, for winning, I won an $100 American Express Debit card. That’s the best.

  87. The best thing I have ever gotten was a pair of 65$ Jeans from Dorhina! Thanks for the great opportunity!!! good luck everyone! Coupons, Coupons, Coupons sent me!

  88. I loved the free sample cosmetic bags from Target that I’ve gotten a couple of times.

  89. alicia vernoy says:

    Never won anything hopefully I get lucky

  90. a ncaa march madness basketball hoops from coca cola company rewards instant win

  91. Courtnie says:

    An air purifier!

  92. Jonita Taylor says:

    A $50 giftcard that I won.

  93. probably a zoku popsicle maker!

  94. Jessilyn Lucas says:

    awhile back i won a years worth of betty crocker fruit snacks! i shared by giving boxes of them to my whole family!

  95. Amanda g. says:

    the best thing ive gotten free is coupon for free redbull…i love love love redbull so that’s why its my fav…thanks for great giveaway!!

  96. The best thing I’ve gotten for free is a handful of Corona things (ie: beach towels, chairs, cups, etc…) on Facebook. It took a little bit of “work”, but that’s my favorite! =]] *Thanks!*

  97. Michelle Harasewicz says:

    My favorite freebie was my ear buds, I got them when I was about to go buy some.

  98. A walker for my Dad…

  99. Susan Rinaman says:

    the best freebies I have gotten are all the free product coupons I have gotten

  100. Jamie Jewell says:

    Would love to win these! I could use them for the care packages that I send to the soldiers in Afghanistan. Our next shipment will be for Christmas and this would be awesome to send them!

  101. jamie jewell says:

    Carmen’s Coupon sent me! thanks!

  102. maredarlin says:

    The best thing I ever got for free was when I won a litter robot – so awesome for my kitties (and me) – Mare S

  103. APRILbrosius8 says:

    I won a zero water filter. I love it!

  104. Blessienelson says:

    Lovely coffee K cups!!

  105. Annemcintyre2011 says:


  106. Natbelinsky says:

    Thank you, carmenscoupon blog sent me filled out the rc form

  107. jamie jewell says:

    The best thing I ever won would be A VIP trip to a NFL game including 4 tickets, a limo ride and we got to go on the field before the game. it was awesome!

  108. Heather Parker says:


  109. Bianca Roman says:

    I would have to say the best free item I have received was the free acrylic nails from pretty women llc. they came in this week and they’re awesome looking!

    I’m entering on Carmen’s Coupon Blog 😀

  110. Savannah Harrop says:

    Trip to the Grammy’s in Los Angles :)

  111. Sharonteagarden says:

    a pearl ring

  112. Faith. B says:

    The best thing I have gotten so far is a trip to Florida!

  113. Chris Samarin Wyatt says:

    I rec’d a purse.

  114. gotta be the Cars 2 lunch box

  115. Britny Cellerini says:

    Some throat drops from Pine Bro’s

  116. Amanda Travis says:

    Earrings and sterling charms

  117. The best think I have ever won was the Fijit Friend I gave my daughter for her birthday. The best thing I get for free is shoes off Amazon with my gift cards from Superpoints. :)

  118. So far my favorite freeby has been my tumble nation cup–I love it and use it everyday!

  119. So many samples! I love tide pods!

  120. a kitchen knife! :)

  121. Shana Segat says:

    I got a cosmetic bag full of samples from Target. That was probably the best sample I’ve ever received.

  122. I won a eye makeup set.

  123. Christine Linden says:

    venus razor.

  124. Peachga32 says:

    Best thing I have gotten lately is a sample of the new Lipton flavored teas! I am hooked on this now!

  125. Full Size Cond. from salon people can’t remember from where but I loved that Cond.

  126. Sprincesss44 says:

    The best thing I got for free was mattress’ for my kids’ bed!

  127. Haleyfogle says:

    I have never won a free sample of anything and I ever almost everyone does! I love that I have the opportun I ity to win so many great samples!

  128. Denicepark says:

    A Candle

  129. I liked, shared, and am now blogging. Thanks for the entries :)

  130. megan doolan says:

    Carmens coupons!

  131. I won a $700.00 gift card fro JCPenny.That was awesome!

  132. amy williams says:

    This is a great giveaway

  133. Samantha Rivera says:

    The best thing i ever gotten free was a Quatro Razor i love it

  134. Best thing I have ever gotten free was my Brew Over Ice cup…

  135. Tiffstufflestreet says:

    free photobook from mixbook. I love it and the offer came along right after my youngest son was born so it gave me a chance to do kind of a scrapbook of him.

  136. Doreen C. Spitzer-Lemire says:

    I just received a dawn gift pack with all sorts of scrubbing brushes, dawn duo and more from a twitter party!!!

  137. I would love to win all of these samples. Looks like a lot of stuff.Thanks for the offer to win an share

  138. lovelydlove says:

    here now

  139. 'Samantha Rivera says:

    The blog i am entering is Carmen’s Coupon Blog Thank You all and the best freebie i ever received free was the quatro razor i love it.

  140. Kelly Stilwell says:

    Wow! That is a lot of samples!!

  141. The blog i am entering from is Carmen’s Coupon Blog Thank You and the best free sample i ever won was a Quatro Razor that i love.

  142. Those would be awesome to win

  143. The best thing i’ve ever gotten for free was a really pretty leather bracelet from Sneakpeeq & I’m entering from Carmen’s Coupon Blog! Thanks for this opportunity! :)

  144. Cherie Whisenhunt says:

    When there is food or drink products

  145. Aliviasmamma says:

    The best thing I’ve ever gotten free was a glamour shot when I was 14. I was overweight and it really boosted up my confidence. :). I’m 31 now and still have that picture!

  146. HELEN STANLEY says:


  147. The best thing was free coupons from a giveaway I entered.

  148. Amy Brutsche says:

    Best thing I ever got is finding out my 12yrs old daughter is now cancer free, I have got free samples and she loves them But I would have to say thats the best thing I got for free is finding out the love of my life kicked cancers ass 5-24-12 ..


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