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This is the ring that was inside one of my packages of melter gem! It was valued from the jeweler at $250- $300



This giveaway is brought to you by Sponsor: Melter Gems and Hosted By Soylicious.com Candles and Warmers and Its Not Just Another Bag

ONE Lucky winner win have a chance to win TWO packages of Soylicious.com Melter gems!

Soylicious.com has premium soy bean wax candles and tart chunks are made from two types of American grown soybeans, with natural botanical oils added to give them vibrant colors and a creamy texture. Along with our soy soap, room sprays, and electric tart melters you are sure to find something to Satisfy your Senses! They have 70 different fragrances to choose from so you will for sure find what you want!

Soylicious.com also has room spray, soap, and our EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT the Melter Gems!

They are the newest product available for use in your tart Melter. No waiting for your wax to melt, just pour in 1/4 cup of your Melter Gems and turn on your Melter. Within just a couple of minutes your entire home will be filled with your favorite fragrance. The Melter Gems are colored and then scented with high quality fragrance oil. When you are ready to change fragrance allow melter to cool, discard used gems, wipe bowl with a paper towel and add Melter Gems. If you want you can reuse the gems as a decoration in your home, put them in flower pots around the house, even use them in your garden outside for decorations! There are so many uses for them after words it is endless!

In every bag of melter gems there is a ring in value between $10 and $1,000 and YOU get to pick the size so this way the ring fits you :) Order yours today from my website for $16.95 CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS! Soylicious offers a 100% money back GUARANTEE!!!! So you have nothing to loose! ORDER TODAY!!!!

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To see the full review please go to Its Not Just Another Bag !

This giveaway is for US residents ONLY! One lucky winner will have a chance to win TWO packages of our Melter gems! each 220z package comes with a ring inside valued up to $1000!!!! The winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond with their full mailing address. Remember, entries MUST be completed to be eligible to win this AWESOME Prize I will verify all entries to make sure you have completed them! This giveaway will end August 25th at 11:59 PM EST time! The winner will be posted on the raffle copter and emailed with in 48 hours!


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  1. chickie brewer says:

    I like bkluebery cobler

  2. angela dupree says:

    Hot Apple Pie

  3. Lissa_holtz says:

    banana nut bread nummy

  4. Jil lHalweg says:

    Raspberry would be wonderful!

  5. Bethekelsay says:

    Blueberry cobbler and Hot apple pie

  6. Bethekelsay says:

    hot apple pie

  7. maggieblu says:

    Ocean Breeze

  8. Hawaiian Escape

  9. Coconut Lime

  10. I like many scents, especially vanilla. I would like to try some other scents that are more tropical!

  11. The blueberry cobbler and the black raspberry vanilla sounds like they would smell as good as the picture looked 😀

  12. Freelandjennifer says:

    pina colada and hot apple pie

  13. Christine White says:


  14. Cherie Whisenhunt says:

    Enchanted Lilac & Lavender Speermint

  15. Angel Jacklyn says:


  16. Christie Robinson says:

    I would love to try MOON PETALS!!!!!!!

  17. Dwilsonpurdy59 says:

    i would like to try gardenia blossoms and hawaiian escape!!!

  18. Melinda Dartmann says:

    Cashmere and Moon Petals…both sound wonderful!

  19. Helen Sampson says:

    Thanks for for Great Giveaway! Would love to try the Hawaiian Escape.

  20. Moon petals :)

  21. Brenda Butler says:

    Black Raspberry Vanilla

  22. jackie Nelson says:

    love candles ….especially the blueberry ones

  23. Jen Durant says:

    pineapple mango


  25. Bettiestover2014 says:

    vanilla extract and mullberry

  26. Themommazie says:

    Black rasberry vanilla and Pumpkin Spice

  27. Tina Mundy says:

    gardenia blossoms and night blooming jasmine

  28. Angie Bonnett says:

    Baby Snuggles!

  29. Cindi Venable says:

    Blooming Jasmine sounds lovely!

  30. Gina Futrell says:

    Gardenia Blossoms and Hot Apple Pie

  31. Strawberry Pomegranate and just peachy sound well peachy :)

  32. melissa holske says:

    cucumber melon and strawberry pomegranate

  33. melissa holske says:

    i love cucumber melon

  34. Emma Dean says:

    blueberry and applepie

  35. Vanilla and buttery pecan!

  36. Over30mommy says:

    So many great scents, love to try Pineapple Mango

  37. Beautybrite says:

    Vanilla and Sugar Kisses

  38. Butter Pecan, vanilla extract

  39. Jennifer Hedden says:

    Ocean Breeze and Moon Petals

  40. Jennifer Hedden says:

    I like Ocean Breeze.

  41. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    Lavendar and pixie promise

  42. Blueberry Cobbler

  43. Almond Cherry and Sugar Kisses would be the ones I would love to ry

  44. Cucumber melon and moon petels

  45. eacathcart2002 says:

    Ocean Breeze and Pineapple Mango

  46. Eacathcart2002 says:

    Ocean Breeze

  47. gardenia blossom and pixie promose

  48. Edward P. says:

    I would choose Hot Apple Pie & Ocean Breeze.

  49. Edward P. says:

    Ocean Breeze.

  50. apple pie and Cucumber melon

  51. http://picketfenceblogs.com/category/lifestyle?similar=7484

    here is the link to my vote on picket fences cuz I can’t remember my user name..it might be alexx2525 or Shelia Garrett or my email alexx2525@yahoo.com

  52. desiree reilly says:

    we have themhere in mo and i am going to haope to have party later this year

  53. Regina Trobee says:

    I would like Lavender and Pineapple Mango

  54. Regina Trobee says:

    I usually like cinnamon and fruit scents.

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